Salt Water Pools: Save Money, Be Safe, Go Green

Salt Water Pools:

A Must Have This Year!



Are you tired of the pungent chlorine smell?  

Concerned about bleaching out ANOTHER swimsuit, much less your hair?  

Do your kids come out of the pool itchy with red eyes? 

If you answered yes, or HECK YEAH to any of these questions then you need to switch to a salt system Today!


The transition from a chlorine tab sanitizing system to a salt system is easy.  Your local swimming pool company will swap out your current chlorinator (cylinder with chlorine tabs inside) with a salt cell and power center.  

The technical name for your new piece of equipment is a Chlorine Generator.  This is because your new sanitizer takes salt (yes table salt, but you will still want to purchase it from your local pool service company or retail store) and "generates" chlorine from it.  




Pretty cool, right?!?  Or not... I'll move on to the more important facts such as how it is better for your hair!

Remember how your hair can become bleached from the water, or even turn green (you're thinking, how can I forget)?  Yuck!  NO MORE with a salt system. 

Swimsuit bleaching/fading/deteriorating is also a thing of the past.  Go ahead, buy that amazing swimsuit you have been eyeing all winter!  

Do you ever have issues with dry, itchy skin after taking a dip in the pool?  Not any more.  Salt is MUCH better on the skin and eyes than chlorine from pressed tablets. 




You're convinced, but what about convincing your spouse...?

Maybe they are a numbers person.  

Here is what you tell them:

♦ Instead of purchasing a bucket of tabs each month, you add salt in the beginning of the year and you are good to go. (Disclaimer: in extreme heat or rain, you may have to add more during the season, but not often)

♦ Yes, it does cost more up front, but it is an investment.  Think about the money you are saving on salt, swimsuits, lotion for your itchy skin, etc.

♦ Your salt system can also turn into a Go Green feature when you add automation to your pool!    (If your spouse is techy, focus on this selling point ;-)

♦ Here is the best news of all... Many pool companies run specials throughout the year on new equipment such as a new Chlorine Generator (Salt Pool System)!  

I mean, who doesn't love to score a deal?


At O'Brien Swimming Pool Service we are running an Early Spring Special where you can SAVE money on the installation of your new Salt Water Chlorine Generator.  Click the button below to find out more!




Any way you look at it, salt is the way to go.  

Do yourself AND your family a favor and switch this season.  

Don't go another year with green hair and red eyes (it's only a good look on Halloween).  

Call your local pool expert today and see what kind of deals they are offering.