Are You Throwing Your Money Away When You Could Go Green?

You too can Go Green!  

Save money and help the environment by looking into a Variable Speed Pump for your swimming pool.




How much per month does is cost you to run your pool pump?  

Too much if you have a typical one speed pump.


Variable_Speed_Pentair_Pump       Receive a $50 rebate from Pentair when you purchase a new VS Pump!


Want to save money on your electric bill?


Want the ease of programing your pool pump right on the pump?


Want to concerve energy & Go Green?


Not only will you get money back with your Pentair rebate, but you will ALSO save money monthly on your Ameren UE electric bill.  


Ordinary pumps, with only one speed, must be ran at a higher speed to keep the pool clean and pool features running.  

This is a huge waste of energy!  

On average, pool owners have noted that their new VS pump pays for itself in TWO years.  


Most pool owners do not even realize how much money and energy they are wasting by running their pool equipment with a typical one speed motor.


"If all pool pumps sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, we would save about $113 million per year on our energy bills and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 140,000 cars."  Ameren UE



Here are some ADDITIONAL benefits with a Variable Speed Pump:

  • On average, the VS Pump is 30-72% more energy efficient than a standard pump
  • It is much quieter while running
  • You are able to set a timer for the pump to run at one speed during peak use hours and another for at night.
  • By reducing your pump speed by even 1/2 allows the pump to use 1/8th the amount of energy.
  • 1 to 3 year manufacturer's warranty when purchased from a local pool company


Do not worry, it is an easy transition.  

You can start saving money in no time!  


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